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Supo Ltd is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking company. We offer customers and the market unique high-quality products that push the boundaries of manufacturing and deliver groundbreaking products with an equal level of service.

Utilizing our existing network and experience, SUPO have managed to maintain and supply FMCG, COVID 19 , PPE lines to the market by knowing where to find right supply lines of items which are now in global demand. Supo Antibacterial wipes were “born” during Covid 19 due to high demand and while working closely with existing customers we were able to develop effective solutions at the frontline of hygiene safety and protection sector.

If you’re looking for a company that develops fresh, brand new ideas and concepts, and leads the industry in many aspects of its manufacturing, then look no further as SUPO INTERNATIONAL LTD will be happy to assist
Safe to use for any purpose
Hygienic protection for Skin and Surface designed for a multitude of purpose
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