All Purpose Antibacterial wet wipes
Supo Antibacterial wipe is non irritating, easy to use, banishing harmful germs and bacteria made with a natural Ingredients and Chlorhexidine as recommended by WHO. Its clean and disinfectant formula with a powerful multipurpose killing 99.9% bacteria and viruses.
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Disinfecting wipes for hands, family and surfaces
We isolated elements to make common chemicals and ingredients, which we formulated into an
all-purpose wet wipes. Supo is an antibacterial wipe for every kind of job.

SUPO wipes are :
  • Dual action Cleaner and sanitiser 
  • Alcohol and Paraben Free 
  • Proven to perform 
  • No petrochemicals 
  • Hygienic protection for Skin and Surface 
Benefits of using SUPO Wipes
Kills Bacteria and Viruses
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Cleaning & Sanitasing
Hygienic protection
Alcohol & Paraben Free
Safe to use for any purpose
Hygienic protection for Skin and Surface designed for a multitude of purpose
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